Jane Eastwood MA (RCA)

Jane Eastwood has been involved in international textile consultancy since the 1980s, promoted through exhibitions sponsored by the organizations such as BWTEC - Germany (Heimtex), USA (Surtex) and France (Indigo), and is experienced in developing woven textile collections for clients, including time as a design director of a small UK textile manufacturer exporting to the USA.

Jane has advised on curriculum development (particularly in higher education), performed as an external assessor to Herriot Watt University Galashiels, and Honorary Secretary of the Colour Group, and has also lectured at various colleges and universities including the Royal College of Art, Chelsea College of Art and Design, Central St Martins School of Art and Design, the University of Huddersfield, the University of Leeds, and Norwich University of the Arts.

Jane's research interests cover art and design worldwide and the daily visual connections during the process of design. She is particularly interested in structural woven textiles and exploring the colour andmaterials used in art and design. Subject areas include: colour glow, 3D structure, colour reflection on 3D structure, sustainable materials - new technologies and old. The representation of feelings, historical information and sound by using colour, texture and form.

Exhibitions worldwide, work purchased for collections in USA at the Smithsonian Institute and at Kyoto Scope in Japan. Work shown at Crafts Council exhibitions and with Ventura London at Design Junction. Completed a woven tapestry for the Oastler Centre in Leeds - a timeline from 1207-2007.